Cross-College Challenge

The Cross-College Challenge HUB XC 433 is a unique internship-like opportunity unlike any other 4 credit course offered at BU! The XCC allows you to gain valuable, real-life experiences while developing leadership, teamwork, and communication skills employers and graduate schools are looking for. You will work in a team of 6-8 students from different schools and colleges all across campus. While sharing your expertise in this project-based course, you will tackle pressing contemporary problems and enduring human questions while immersing yourself in campus life and the City of Boston. Students interact with both on- and off-campus partners, working to find new answers to the current challenges that affect both BU and the City of Boston.

Cross College Challenge

During the Summer Term, teams will develop projects in conjunction with campus agencies - including Sustainability@BU. The mission of Sustainability@BU is “to lead the University in a more sustainable direction and integrate sustainability into the culture and structure of Boston University.” Sustainability@BU works to reduce BU’s environmental footprint in areas including climate action, energy conservation, waste reduction, reduced water consumption, green buildings, and recycling. Their clean energy initiative was able to reduce BU’s greenhouse gas emissions by 25% in its first six years!

The Summer course faculty instructors are:

Jonathan Hibbard, Assistant Professor Questrom School of Business
Adam Sweeting, Associate Professor College of General Studies- Division of Humanities

Coming Soon! Fall 2018

Does the Cross-College Challenge sound like an exciting opportunity, but won’t fit in your summer schedule? No need to worry! The XCC will also be offered as a course during the Fall 2018 semester for Juniors and Seniors. Semester projects will be in a range of areas. Questions? Email