BU’s Pop Painter

Molly Rosner (CFA’13) creates graphic design firm staffed with BU students

video from BU Today

BU Joins edX

Leading online course platform gives faculty more flexibility in teaching

article from BU Today

Veggies On Wheels

SPH’s innovative grocery truck delivers fresh produce to poor neighborhoods

article from BU Today

Extreme Dentistry in a Faraway Place

BU dental student takes his skills to Alaska

video from BU Today

The Penguin Pal

Close encounters with creatures from another climate

video from BU Today

Full Contact

Dublin program gives one undergrad a rare, hands-on opportunity

video from BUniverse

Throwing Punches

BU boxing instructor practices what he teaches

video from BU Today

Med Students Without Borders

Ecuador program gives first years a perspective on global health

video from Bostonia

Unraveling Climate Change

With a little help from Thoreau and NASA

video from BU Today

One Day

Undergrads seek to curb diabetes in rural Belize

video from Bostonia