Where Theory Meets Practice

A look inside ENG’s new design and manufacturing facility

video from BU Today

Transatlantic Style

What it takes to work in a famous five-star hotel

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The Rainmaker

By simulating future weather, BU researcher ponders an ecosystem’s fate

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The Coral Whisperer

Liz Burmester hopes to find a way to keep the world's coral reefs alive

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Vision Quest

Two BU grads seek to revolutionize the eye exam

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Research to Keep You Awake: Nightmares

UROP study suggests one bad dream can taint others

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A Smile That Controls Machines

Speech student's research helps people use technology through facial movement

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Tracing Our Roots

BU grad student Rose Abramoff digs deep into the carbon cycle

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Register for Alien Worlds

MOOC explores the techniques used to discover and characterize planets outside our solar system

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MOOC Probes a War You’ve Never Heard Of

Middle East course by BU’s Bacevich coincides with ISIS emergence. Register now on BUx.

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